Peripera Cushion Blusher Review—One of the Best Blushes I’ve Used to Date!

I’d received my Peripera Ah! Much Real Cushion cream Blusher after great anticipation the other day after having first discovered it through Clicknetwork’s Tried and Tested video. After seeing the host, Oon Shu An, rate the product 10/10, and wanting a new Springtime blush for the year, I took to ordering my own tube. This is the official website for the South Korean beauty company, although I ordered my tube off of eBay. I will note that I’m not sure if their website carries the product anymore, as I’m unable to find it on either the Korean or English sites. I did visit the website listed on the back of the bottle also, which carries the product as well, although I’m not sure if they ship internationally. You can also check Amazon if eBay doesn’t work, however the prices are a bit higher than eBay’s prices.

The first point of interest for me was the bottle alone. The packaging is petite—perfect for traveling and especially convenient for carrying on flight—as well as just absolutely adorable!

photo 1

The next point of interest was the variety of colors which they come in. There are six total shades, varying in color from bright orange to pale pink, with each measuring at 20ml a bottle. Because I have fairly pale skin, I opted for “Lovely Lavender.” With only five shades you may question the flexibility of these colors on different skin tones—I will reassure you that both the amount you place on your skin and area of coverage can absolutely change the pigmentation of the color, allowing for leeway with the original shade.

Next, although the packaging is in Korean (which I cannot read), I was able to fish around and find that this moisturizing blush contains key ingredients such as Vitamin E and daisy extract. Although it doesn’t smell like daisies, it does have a subtle scent that’s fresh. Not much to write home about, though, which is fine.

Hearkening back to the color choices, I opted for “Lively Lavender,” which proves to be an excellent shade for my skin tone, which, again, is quite pale.

photo 2

This spreads like a dream on contact of skin, although you should be quick to blend it in. I use a sparing amount, which looks relatively subtle and natural (which you can see below).

photo 3

Over all, I think it’s an exceptional product for a decent price. It’s creamy, blends excellently, and is a good, versatile blush that’s especially useful for on-the-go.

My product rating: I’ll match Oon Shu An’s with a 10/10.

Have you used this blush? What are your thoughts? Do you have any Korean Beauty blush recommendations? Please feel free to comment.


From $0.99 to $22.00, a Look at a Few Eyeliners I’ve Tried and Tested

Hello, all. I’ve been scouring my modest makeup collection upon launching this blog, and I’ve stumbled across many lost makeup items I’d completely forgotten about. An entire section of beauty I neglect completely is the eyeliner. Because I have dry eye, and it’s recommended not to use eyeliner with dry eye (read more about this here), I scarcely, if ever, wear eyeliner. Plus, I can never get that winged tip down, but life goes on.

In my collection, I’ve found a few different eyeliners I’d like to review, ranging between $0.99-$20.00. $20.00 seems a bit steep to me for an eyeliner, but of course when you look at brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and other higher end companies, you wouldn’t bat an eye at these prices. Whether one or the other is in your price range, I feel these are definitely worth looking into if you’re an eyeliner wearer and lover.

photo 3

We first have the Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Brow and Eyeliner pencil (shown only in three shades here. These inexpensive eyeliners seem to be a nostalgic hit, according to reviews I’ve been able to dig up. What gives them their credence? They indeed have a soft application, maintain their pigmentation after being applied, and apply relatively evenly.  Although I know Walmart sold them once upon a time (I have not been back to check for these specifically), it seems their website does not currently list them for sale. I was, however, able to find them for sale through this website (this is not a sponsor, I assure you). They come in a variety of colors—I recommend the shade “Green” (what’s in a name, anyway). As far as eyeliners go, they aren’t fancy, aside from the fun variety of colors; but, they get the job done. I would rate these 7/10.

photo 4-2
Color swatches of the following: Wet ‘n Wild “Green,” Wet ‘n Wild “Purple,” Wet ‘n Wild “Bronze,” and Starlooks Cosmetics “Ultra Olive.”

The second eyeliner of discussion is the Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive from Starlooks Cosmetics. I discovered this gem in an Ipsy bag a few or so years ago (should I pitch the product? Has it “expired”?), and it is gorgeous. Although I have seen mixed reviews, namely from Ipsy’s website by users like me who’d received the same gift in their subscription, the official website displays a solid 5 stars.


photo 2-2

I had mentioned the softness of application in regard to the Wet ‘n Wild eyeliners, and I must say that this pencil takes it a step further. This pencil applies so smoothly with ease, it neither irritates nor leaves an uneven stroke. Plus, the color I own, Ultra Olive, is a gorgeous neutral gold (it appears to be more gold than olive in my opinion), with a hint of sparkle, which gives it that “go-to for Christmas Office Parties” stamp of approval. Coming in at $15.00, it is pricier than the $0.99 Wet ‘n Wild; however, the quality is noticeably higher and the color pigmentation is greater. I would rate this pencil 8/10.

photo 5

Moving on from pencil to liquid, the third eyeliner I would like to mention is the superb Kate Super Sharp Liner, in BK-1. This liner, made in Japan, draws with such sharpness and fineness, it’s a must-have in anybody’s collection. I cannot recommend this liner enough! When I do use eyeliners, this is my go-to. It reminds me of the same preciseness as that of the less expensive Hikari Cosmetics Liquid liner (which I no longer own, but I will link it here), but with, again, a sharper line. I will also mention that the tip perfectly and effortlessly bends just so to create an even draw. Finally, it dries rather quickly, which leaves little room for error. It appears to come up at $22.00 on Amazon, although it can be purchased elsewhere (such as eBay) for a less expensive price (you’re looking at around $10.00). I would rate this product 10/10.

photo 1The final liner I will review is of the gel variety—Smashbox’s Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner. Smashbox’s official website describes this pot in their description as follows,

In our L.A. photo studio, makeup artists are always looking for products that deliver big visual impact in a short time. We developed this waterproof, crease-resistant, gel eye liner to glide on quickly and easily. Don’t worry, it won’t tug or pull on the delicate skin around your eyes. Gear up so you can create smudge-proof lines and precisely defined eyes in 60 seconds flat. Ready, Jet Set, Go!

photo 2

I also received this from an older Ipsy subscription a few or so years back, and just recently tested the product. It applies like a dream, although dries quickly, so you must be precise and quick when applying the product. The packaging recommends using the “Arced Liner Brush #21,” but of course I never follow beauty rules and have used my own, perfectly suitable brush to apply the liner, and so can you. It’s deeply pigmented and blends in seamlessly for a softer eye. One thing I will state, which I will follow up with at the end of this post, is that this does not smudge in the slightest, just as the description claims. Although coming in at $22.00 a pot, there is a generous amount of formula, thus making this worth the price. I would rate this product 9/10.

photo 5-2
Color swatch of the (topmost) Kate liner and the (bottommost) Smashbox liner.

Now that we’ve reviewed four different eyeliners, spanning between pencil, liquid, and gel, and that you’ve reviewed photos containing color swatches of the four liner products (six colors in total), I will reveal the smudge test done on my arm below.

photo 4-3

Upon applying medium pressure while running my finger down the liners, as you can see, the top two black liners, being the (topmost) Kate liquid liner and the (bottommost) Jet Set gel liner, did not smudge. However, the top three of the colored pencil liners (all Wet ‘n Wild) did not survive, and the Star Looks cosmetic liner at the very bottom especially did not survive. So, all-in-all, which ones are truly worth it? For color and opacity, I would recommend, from the pencil line, the Starlooks Cosmetic liner, regardless of its brutal smudge result. From the gel and liquid liner section, I think it’s safe to say both are worth the price. Although removed easily with a makeup wipe, they remain intact for quite a while after application.

What are some of your go-to liners? Do you prefer liquid, gel, or pencil? Would you buy these to test them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Estée Lauder—Advanced Night Repair, Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

It has been a week now since trying the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Eye Recovery mask, and I will do my best to relay as much information as I can about this product. My overall score, before we get started: 4/10.

Key Points
-Product: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask
-Placement: Below Eye
-For all skintypes
-Application Time: Night
Cost: $11.00 for One Mask, $40.00 for Four Masks
-Ideal for the following, according to Estée Lauder’s website: “Eye Lines and Wrinkles,” “Dryness, Dehydration,” “Dullness, Loss of Radiance,” and “Soothing Irritation”
-Usage Time: 10 Minutes
-Scent: Not Strong, Perfumed
-Product Review Score According to Website (as of February 13, 2018): 4.6/5 stars, or 93% positive product review score

photo 5
According to Estée Lauder’s website, the mission of this mask is to “rejuvenate the look and feel of your eyes after the stresses of modern life—from long days to lack of sleep, even pollution.” This eye mask, which comes in at $11.00 per mask, is to be used once weekly for ten minutes, below the eye, and contains “soothing, hydrating and ChronoluxCB™ repair ingredients.” The rather long list of ingredients can be found on their website here. Purportedly, “91% Felt Hydrated” after using this mask, “89% Felt Calm and Soothed,” and “82% Said Their Eyes Looked More Radiant” according to the company’s website. Now, onto my experience.

Because I have fair and sensitive skin, as well as a plethora of allergies, I was cautious when applying the mask. I was not sure if there were any ingredients which would cause my under eye area to swell, and I’m happy to report there weren’t any allergic reactions. While I did not have an allergic reaction, however, there was a reaction which I attribute to the quality of the mask itself—it burned. Let’s take this step-by-step.

photo 3
To use the mask, the instructions state to push the liquid against a seal dividing the two pocketed chambers. One chamber contains the liquid, the other contains the dry mask sheets. Once broken (and there will be a startling popping sound) the liquid is released, and you must continue working the liquid into the chamber containing the eye pads until the pads seem fully coated in this liquid. I let the pack sit for about five or so minutes to ensure the eye masks were fully soaked before applying them to my face.

photo 1
Upon application, they felt smooth and silky, and neither slippery nor unnatural. I may say they felt luxuriant. They stayed this way for about a minute before a stinging sensation began to creep upon my skin, ultimately turning into a burning and uncomfortable 8 more minutes until I could remove them (we’ll use that spare minute that I left out to signify the time it took to transition between pleasure and pain). “But why didn’t you just take them off if you were having such a reaction, Ann?” Because I’m a champ and wanted to provide an honest review.

After removing the eye pads, the instructions state to pat the remaining excess liquid into your skin. There was a lot of excess liquid, so I grabbed a towel to both remove the serum and pat what little didn’t get on the towel into my skin.

What I will say is that my skin immediately looked brighter, tighter, and felt like a dream the next morning. It maybe lingered into the next day, withstanding any other facial cleansers I use on a regular basis. Otherwise, because I’ve used this once, I don’t recognize any long-lasting results. I will note that I generally have a decent undereye skin quality, so perhaps the results are not as effective on my skin type as it may be on others. That’s where the website’s reviews come in handy anyway, right?

I did mention in the keypoints section that there is a scent. The scent is not unbearable, a bit woodsy and organic, in my opinion.

Do I think these are worth it? No. Would I use these again? No.
My score, based solely on the experience just provided: 4/10—Ten minutes of stinging, burning pain, coupled with the cost of each mask devalues the product for me. I also had to spend a few minutes of fussing around with the liquid to finally get it to release into the eye mask chamber, which is just a tad inconvenient and anxiety-inducing (would it go into the chamber, or would it come out of the side and spill onto my carpet? I didn’t know!) I would just turn to a cheaper, less painful alternative, which I’m positive can produce the same results.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts, if so? If not, would you? I’m definitely interested in hearing what you guys have to say about this product!


Hello, beauty blogging world! You can call me Ann (if you’d like). If somehow you’ve found me through my Materialistic Maiden blog, kudos and welcome—if not, I welcome you all the same.

Here in this cozy little blog you’ll find mostly beauty product reviews. Not only will this blog serve as a tool for me to archive beauty products I’ve tried and either loved or hated, but this will also (hopefully) be a helpful resource for those wanting honest reviews of various beauty products out there on the market. I don’t always frequently keep up with what’s trending, so these reviews will be sporadic and feature products that may already seem familiar or seem “outdated.”

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